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There's only a limit amount of Hotels in the game, and you could make sure it bears your name, these hotels are AI controlled and your name will be forever captured in this amazing game.


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The time has come to fast track this game and release it, but in order for me to do that, I need your support in the form of donations.

I have created a couple of contributors packages above but should you just want to contribute your own custom amount you can use this button



Why Do We Need Your Donations ?

The game started out as a mod for minecraft called SimCraft, but due to the huge amount of updates it was decide about 2 years ago to rather spend our time in creating our own game. I've taken all the assets and ideas from our mod and incorporated it into this game and simply added all the features that I honestly would like to see in a game and since this is my game, I went all out with the layout and development to create what I believe would be a really amazing game. You can visit our forum and read up on the development I have laid out the entire game on our forum so you can get a very clear picture of what this game is all about.


Once you have done this you would understand that, yes I can simply continue with the people I have and hope to finsih in maybe 3-4 years or by using crow funding and setting up a donations platform, people that would like to see this game came into an Early access state within a year maybe even less can now contribute and support this project. The finances would allow me to employ a huge amount of people allowing me not to just complete this game in a record time but also add even more features to it.


I will be launching our kickstarter campaing in a month form now, but feel free to donate directly on our website the more money we get the quicker this game will become availabe on the market.