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When you start the game you can choose your own player character, you have a selection between Male or Female. The character shapes are all the same meaning there's only 1 male and female character. You can however edit your character textures and change the way you look, you can also change the textures of your default characters clothing set, this can for now only be done offline using a graphics program like paint, but there are plans to add a texturing program to the game that would allow you to texture your own character when you start the game.

You have to assign skill points to your character below the character skill tree is explained

Personal Skills
These are personal skills that would help you character grow

Describes your general physical form and condition. A character with high constitution is more likely to regenerate faster from sickness and can carry more weight.

Important for;
  • Life points
  • Inventory weight

Helps you to move quicker and plays a huge roll on your characters energy level.

Important for;
  • Energy points
  • Speed of movement

A high charisma will help you whenever you are in contact with other characters

Important for;
  • Courting
  • Trading

Information, a skill acquired by a character through experience or education will help you, to ensure your family will succeed into the future. Knowledge level will determine how much of all you skills and sub-skills are transferred to your siblings at birth.

Will help you earn the respect of other Ai characters and the higher this skill is the less likely it would ever become that your workers will ever strike.

Important for;
  • Increased production

With this skill your siblings and employees will always train at twice the rate when you are in close proximity.

Important for;
  • Increased workers skills

A high stealth skill allows you and your family to become quiet as a mouse.

Important for;
  • Concealing illegal actions
  • Pick pocket

Your Crafting Skill will determine the quality of your goods and will provide everything crafted by Yourself with a boost. The skill also helps in the amount of recipes you can remember and use.

Important for;
  • Quality of Goods
  • Amount of Recipes Known

Health Skills
Your health skills are not permanent and will decrease or increase according to your characters habits.

The skill will determine your overall fitness, and has a direct impact on your well being and character weight.

Important for;
  • Energy consumption
  • Body weight
  • Lifespan

Political Skills
These are political skills that would help you character grow as a politician.

High rhetoric skill allows your character to deliver refined speeches, convince other of your own opinion, and just be very influencing to others.

Important for;
  • Political meetings
  • Insults
  • Threats
  • Courting
  • Bribery

See through everything and separate the lies from the truths. A high empathy skill can help you see through the actions of people, politicians, and thieves.

Work Skills
These are work skills that would help you character grow in a certain profession. All the work skills have sub-skills that will evolve as you use that particular skill

Farming as a profession has a lot of possibilities and a ton of industries

Sub skills;
  • Seeding
  • Tilling
  • Watering
  • Spray Fertilizer
  • Spray Pesticide
  • Pruning
  • Harvesting Grains
  • Harvesting Vegetables
  • Harvesting Fruits
  • Harvesting Nuts
  • Harvesting Tubers
  • Harvesting Salads
  • Cutting Grass
  • Feed Animals
  • Water Animals
  • Breeding Animals
  • Medicate Animals
  • Cleaning Barns
  • Cleaning Coops
  • Slaughtering
  • Egg Collecting
  • Wool Collecting
  • Honey Collecting
  • Hide Collecting
  • Milk Collecting
  • Feed Making
  • Milling

Mining as a profession has a lot of possibilities and a a couple of industries that can be used

Sub skills;
  • Rock Crushing
  • Panning
  • Harvest ores
  • Harvest crude oil
  • Harvest natural gas
  • Harvest raw salt
  • Oil refining
  • Gas refining
  • Ore refining
  • Salt refining

Shop Keeping
Owning your own shop has it's own set of skills

Sub skills;
  • Trading
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Customers

Prefer the outdoors then this is for you

Sub skills;
  • Herbalism
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Logging

Someone has to make clothes all we all going to run around naked.

Sub skills;
  • Fabrics Manufacture
  • Coloring
  • Cleaning

What would we do without a good bottle of wine.

Sub skills;
  • Brewing
  • Distilling
  • Beverages

Fancy food, then this skill is for you.

Sub skills;
  • Food Refining
  • Dairy Products
  • Wine Products
  • Meat Products
  • Baked Products
  • Cooked Products
  • Sweets Products

The love for wood is what you need for these skills

Sub skills;
  • Furniture Crafting
  • Planks Crafting

Without bricks you can't build

Sub skills;
  • Bricks Crafting
  • Rooftops Crafting

Those machine will need new circuit boards
Sub skills;
  • Components Crafting

Machine make your life easier.

Sub skills;
  • Machine Crafting
  • Parts Crafting

Moving around has become easier

Sub skills;
  • Vehicle crafting
  • Train crafting
  • Plane crafting
  • Boat crafting
  • Parts crafting

Your health is your first concern

Sub skills;
  • Surgery
  • Medical Aid
  • Bandages

Not for everyone.

Sub skills;
  • Research

Character Needs
During game play your character will also have certain needs that need to be looked after, these are not skills

Your characters health if it reaches zero you die.

Determining Factors;
  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Falling From High Place
  • Drowning
  • Getting Killed
  • Sickness
  • Winter Cold
  • Summer Heat
  • Natural Gas
  • Full Bladder
  • Cleanliness
  • Fire

You need to eat if your hunger reaches zero you will loose health points after 7 days and loose energy after 1 day without food.

Determining Factors;
  • Not eating

You need to drink if your thirst level reaches zero you will loose health points after 3 days and loose energy after 1 day without water.

Determining Factors;
  • Not drinking

Your characters bladder will eventually fill up and you simply need some relief

Determining Factors;
  • Drinking water

Your energy will determine how much and how fast you can do certain tasks, energy can be refill using various methods.

Determining Factors;
  • Working
  • Running
  • Fighting
  • Athletics Fitness

You are human you need to socialize

Determining Factors;
  • Social Networking
  • Friends
  • Enemies

Yeah you read it you need to make sure you take a bath or shower every now and again, customers do not like smelly employees.

Determining Factors;
  • Cleanliness

Your character needs to have some fun occasionally.

Determining Factors;
  • Going out
  • Visiting shops
  • Buying products
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Playing mini games

Your Character

Although you can marry and have 2 children, you will only be able to control the one character and can't switch between family members. When death comes for you, you will be allow to take control of any of the family members that are still alive, that member will then become your active character. Your children can marry, but can't have kids until at least one of the family members past away, the maximum size of your family will always be 7. The last member of the family can be anyone you adopt into your family, this can be a child and in some cases even a grown up, this person will not be allowed to marry unless you pick this person as your active character.

Children will receive 60% of the skills of their respective parents, it's imperative that you use your trainer skill to teach your children and help them grow their skill tree, each time a family member has free skill points, you can assign that point to any of the skills. While any of your family members are in close proximity to you and you have a higher trainer skill than them, they will gain experience at twice the rate. You can assign your family to specific tasks and they will continue that task until you re-assign them.

Before you have your very own family make sure you have a home and that you have enough food and water so you don't starve your family to death, they too can die.

You gain experience and unlock extra skill points by working, completing contracts and taking part in the weekly competitions. Maximum skill level is 10, these skills directly affect how you gain experience in all the sub-skills, which all have 5 levels before it's maxed. Your sub-skills determine the quality of your products, and the higher your craftsmanship the more money you stand to make of your products when selling them to the market or in one of your shops.

The oldest your character will become is 120 years, but from age 85 and up your energy will drop faster and you will become a lot slower, it's during your last years that it's of vital importance that you use your Trainer skill and train your family your, skills so that when death comes for you, you do not have to re-acquire new skills. Over a couple of generations you should be a fairly experienced family well established in your community.

But I like my character why does it have to die ?

I know it's sad, I'm also attached to my character, therefore depending on what gender you are playing your first born will always look exactly just like you, just in a smaller version and when you die, you can simply take control over this family member and continue your bloodline. When you reach a certain point in your characters life you can also retire your character and assume control of your new heir of the family fortune.

Just take note if you have no heir and you die, then you loose everything, before you pass away you will be warned about it and will have time to quickly adopt someone into your family. This feature will help a lot online where people start the game buy everything and then simply vanishes leaving the server stuck with property nobody can buy or use, once your family dies out, what you own is given back to the state. The only fail safe is the ability to place your account on holiday for a maximum of 30 days per year, these days you can pick as you wish and does not have to be consecutively and your last option if you know you going to be away for some time is to sell everything and place everything into a trust account, which will allow you to claim it once you are back and should your family all have died.

Character Clothing

Their will be a ton of clothing you can buy and use, only the basic clothing will be on the market at the start, but as soon as someone has unlocked a specific recipe to craft some new clothing products, you will be able to buy that from the market.

Character Movement

Apart from walking and running everywhere, you will also be able to catch a cab or train, and can buy your own vehicle if you have money. To travel aboard to the other continents you can use a boat or airplane, in a lot of cases you will have to use a boat to haul your equipment across the continent to your new mining camp. There is no market place on these 9 continents so whatever you need you have to bring it across, nothing prevents you from setting up a shop on these continents, but until someone actually does that, what you need you will need to transport from the city, which will cost you a pretty penny.
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