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This being a real life simulation game, money plays a pretty big role in the game, with numerous ways of making it. You start with just enough money to enable you to rent a cheap apartment and barely enough money to buy food. Your character needs changes over time, and you could try to live as a homeless person, sleeping under the tree, but your hygiene will take a massive hit and nobody will employ you, not to mention the fact that while you are sleeping anyone with a good stealth skill would probably be able to rob you. You also cannot open a bank account without proof of residence, so in a way you will be forced to get yourself an apartment.

The Hard Road

Unless you have purchased one or more of the booster packs during the initial crow funding period for this game, you won't have enough money and will have to go and look for a job. There's a lot of AI controlled shops specifically added to the game to help you earn some money, as soon as you find one of these shops, you can simply walk up to the front desk and will be able to access the shop interface. From this interface you will be able to view open positions, each open position actually physically requires you to do certain task.

For instance in a restaurant you could apply for the dish washer position you would qualify for that and will have to interact with dirty dishes cleaning them. You will earn money per dish cleaned, this will improve your restaurant experience bar and when, it's high enough you could apply for the waiter position, which will pay better. You can move up the ladder and also have the opportunity to learn extra skills like cooking while at your apartment, which will be a requirement for a junior chef position.

So making money at the start is hard work and it will take a lot of time to make enough money to buy your own shop, when you do choose a job, take something that you know you also want to run one day; for instance if you want to buy yourself a restaurant, then work at a restaurant and gain extra skills, by the time that you have enough money you already have a lot of skills in that type of business.

Friends Can Help

Playing on a online server with other people can offer you various jobs to do for them in their shops. You can also buy the news paper and will find various amounts of day jobs that just last a short time, but that pays a little more, all of these jobs are player generated however. You won't be able to work in any of the industries, because these buildings for the most part of it will be built on land that is owned by someone and you won't have permission to walk on land not owned by you unless given permission by owner.

Be on the look out for organizations, looking to recruit, they should be able to give you a economic boost provided you are willing to work with them and if they invite you into their organization they can enter into an agreement with you that you will need to keep in order to keep whatever land or business they might give to you. Such agreements will always have a buy out option should you later wish to break away from the organization.


Each city and town has it's own market that functions independently of each other. The city or town is relying on the market stock and has specific needs, each day stock is removed from the market that simulates consumption, where there is a short fall the buying price will increase and where theirs an abundance the price will drop. By studying the market you can simply make money by buying from one market and selling it to another market in another city, you will have to travel to the market, but you could make some money this way, provided off course nobody tries to rob you along the way.


Find the underworld and you find the speak easy's and, although gambling has mostly been outlawed nothing will prevent you from trying it. Here your luck will determine if you win or loose, just beware if the police ever decide to raid the speak easy and you are inside you might find yourself in jail.

Shop Owner

There are numerous amounts of shops available to purchase, some might already be established and you would simply take ownership of the shop as it was sold, while others are completely empty and you have to choose what you want to open and run. Each shop has various options and requires interaction from the player, you can employ workers in your shop to help you, but keep an eye on their salary and skill level. Shops if run properly can really earn you a lot of money.

Where shops are dependent on crafting recipe's like a restaurant that needs cooking recipes, you can obtain those recipes by competing in the weekly competitions and winning them, turning your shop into a unique one of kind shop where you might be the only person that can produce a certain product because your the only one that has the recipe.


In order for you to start your first industry you will need to purchase land outside the city or town first. Once you have done this you can enter the zoning mode and simply pick the industry you wish to buy and it will start with it's construction once you have accepted placement. Industry require raw materials to produce products, these products can be sold on the market or in any shop, just be aware that if the market is flooded with your products the price will drop and you could end up running at a lost. If you run the industry properly then you could make a ton of money.

A plain farm is in most case the cheapest to buy and maintain, you can plant any crop on there and there's a lot of competitions regarding farms each week that could see you win a lot of additional recipes. The logging camp is also very profitable at start because people always need wood.

So make sure you invest into the correct industry and don't end up going bust.


Mining could be extremely profitable, but you really need a massive cash injection in order to succeed at mining. You can only mine in the 9 continents and you have to not only buy yourself a ticket to visit these continents you will need to transport whatever machinery you will need to the continent. You will be able to rent a storage facility at the airport where you can store your equipment and raw materials until you have enough, to buy or setup your first mine. These mine Camp's are huge and cost a fortune, once they run you can stand back and see the ores fall into your pocket, just remember that the ores by itself in raw format is not worth much, if you can run those through a smelter you will be able to turn them into a usable product that would bring you more money.

If you don't have the money and simply want to mine old school, using a pick axe you can do that, but be warn it will worn you down and it's extremely dangerous. There's a whole range of smaller machines that run of generators that could help you ease into mining a bit more.


If you have money you can buy land and rent them out, you could even buy land on any of the 9 continents and lease them out to anyone willing to mine on them in return for a part of the profit. These agreements are automatically setup and monitored and completely safe to use, if anyone defaults on rent his bank account is frozen and whatever property he has will also be closed until the guilty person appears in court.


Yes there's an underworld, the dark path should you wish to follow it. You can become a thief, murderer or simply just a smuggler, there are various ways to make money illegally from moon shining to running speak easy's. Just beware that the judicial systems in this game is pretty hectic and you could simply end up losing it all. This might not be worth it to be honest the choice is yours, on the online servers to prevent spamming you will be banned from the server for minimum of 30 days should your family simple end up in jail for senseless killings after you have created or re-joined the server for a 3rd time.
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