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Industries can only be built outside cities and towns on land you already own. When you have made enough money you can enter the zoning mode which will allow you to place the industry on your land, for farming you simply have to purchase commercial zoning license for the land you wish to farm on. When you are happy with the placement of your industry you can simply click on the purchase sign. All cost including the zoning license will be included into the purchase price, for farming zone's nothing will be built but you will be allowed to plant crops on the land where you purchase a commercial farming license

For industries where a building needs to be erected a construction sign will appear, which will indicate how long it will take before construction is completed, it will also be covered up by boards during construction. You have additional options to speed up construction, buy hiring additional contractors. Once construction has been completed, the boards will be removed and you will be able to enter your new industry.

Each industry has it's own interface, that you can access directly within the industry to, hire new workers, set production, store raw materials, assign family members to work at the industry and view produced goods. The industry starts with a couple of default recipes, but you can add any additional recipes you have earned or bought to your industry, these recipes will be permanent so should you later sell your land, whoever buys it will gain access to those recipes.

Selling your products

With each industry you can produce certain products, some of these products are small enough and can be carried by your character, but a lot of these products are simply to heavy to carry and can only be transported by a vehicle.

Each industry will have one parking area, where you can park your vehicle and once you enter your industry interface you can simply drag and drop your produced goods onto the vehicle until the maximum weight the vehicle can carry has been reach.

You can then hire a driver and assign a market to where you would like your goods to be sold at, your driver will not get any of the trade bonuses your character has when selling products, so always keep that in mind, once the truck has sold it goods it will return to the parking area at the industry. Should someone rob your truck while it's en route they will only be able to steal products that they can off load onto another truck as long as your driver is alive nobody else can drive the truck he has the keys, should he however be killed anyone can loot his corpse and take the key and relief you of your truck. Murder however is not taken lightly and if caught has tremendous impact on the murderer and it's family.

If you have industries on any of the continents, you will have to ship your products back to the city to a warehouse you will have to rent or buy, and can then sell your products from there. If you own shops you can also send the products to your shop to be sold directly to the public, this option will earn you more money when selling your products. The market price varies and each city or town has a growth indicator that determines how much of each product is consumed daily so the market might get flooded forcing the price down, once this happens your products might be sold at a lost or you will be forced to stock up in warehouses.

Raw Materials

Each product needs raw materials and you can purchase the raw materials at the market, but the market will only stock low quality products by default. For higher quality materials you will have to wait until someone sells the materials to the market, in situations where you would like to make serious money you can start an organization where other players can join you, once this happens you can share recipe's and offer resources to each other at better than market price, for this you will need to built a head quarters or buy one in the city. Deals are made with other players while at the head quarters, which will allow additional interfaces to present you with numerous options.


Your employees have the same life span as your character, but will learn your industry a lot faster and even faster if you have good training skills. Each industry have a maximum amount of employees you can hire, they will always start at level 1 producing level 1 products, you have the option to keep them at level 1, and only pay them as level 1 employees or allow them to upgrade to the next level, material availability will most likely be the key factor in determine this, once you allow an employee to upgrade their salary increase and you can't downgrade them again, so using level 5 employees to produce level 1 products will be a total lost.

In certain industries the employee is just involved in working with machinery and therefore not directly involved in crafting anything, their skill will in this scenario determine the speed at which the industry operates, so you could have a level 5 employee operating your industry, where you produce level 1 products and still make a profit because you are producing more due to the speed efficiency of your employee.

Industry Contracts

From time to time you will come across government or private sector contracts for a specific product in huge quantity's, if you have the correct industry you can accept the contract, just always make sure that you can meet the requirement. individual players can also create their own contracts for specific contracts and all the contracts can be found at anyone of the government buildings in the 3 cities. Failing a deadline on a contract will result in a hefty fine.

Industry Buildings

A quick list of all the industries you will be able to build in the game.

Factory building, involved in the manufacturing of weapons

Factory building involved in the manufacturing of alcoholic products

Automotive Industry
Factory building involved in the manufacturing of automotive products and vehicles.

Chicken Farm
Farm building where chickens are kept

Industry produces;
  • Chicken meat
  • eggs
  • Feathers

Industry requires;
  • Chickens

Sheep Farm
Farm building where sheep are kept

Cattle Farm
Farm building where cattle are kept

Crocodile Farm
Farm building where crocodiles are kept

Pig Farm
Farm building where pigs are kept

Wild Game Farm
Farm building where wild game are kept

Ostrich Farm
Farm building where ostrich are kept

Horse Farm
Farm building where horses are kept

Fish Farm
Farm building where fish are kept

Bee Farm
Farm building where bee's are kept

General farm where you can plant various crops on.

Vineyard, where you can plant grapes to be used as wine.

Logging Camp
This camp is pretty big and is used for obtaining wood and, are also responsible for replanting new trees, making this a sustainable form of income for a bit of sweet.

Logs are taken to the sawmill to be cut into more manageable pieces, from here the wood can be used to craft other products.

Paper Mill
Wood pulp is use to create paper.

Industry produces;
  • Paper

Industry requires;
  • Wood pulp

Printing Shop
Paper is used to print on, and can create news papers, pamphlets and other related print in materials.

Chemical Factory
This factory produces most of the cleaning products you will find on the market

Electronics Factory
This factory produces most of the electronic components you find on the market

Furniture Factory
This factory produces furniture, that you can use in your house or sell on the market

Jewel Factory
This factory turns, those rare gems into usable and wearable jewelry

Brick Yard
This factory is responsible for producing all the bricks needed to built

Food Factory
This factory is used to produce food that you can buy in a supermarket

Fishing Harbor
This factory is use to catch fish on the open seas

Glass works
This factory is responsible for producing all the glass

Textile Industry
This industry takes care of clothing and other related items.

Toy Industry
This factor produces toys for your kids to play with

Household Manufacturer
This factory produces a wide range of household items.

This factory is responsible for producing all the steel needed for construction

This construction is used to mine ore deposits

Oil Drilling Derrick
This construction is used to mine oil deposits

Natural Gas Drilling Rig
This construction is used to mine gas deposits

This construction is used to refine oil and gas into a usable product.

This industry is used to smelt the ores into more manageable material
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