What is Agticu

Agticu is sandbox life sim, set in the Machine age, with a unique mixture of RPG and life simulation, that creates an immersive scenario, with unlimited options built into the game.

Go out into the world and find your destiny, marry have children and build your own empire. All boundaries are removed, allowing you to become anybody and basicly do anything, that you could possible think of.

Travel across the oceaans and explore new worlds rich with resources where you can buy, rent or sell land across oceaans, some grounds are good for building others are more suitable for farming or mining.


Key features:

  • The world is driven thru the economy with real time events taking place each year.

  • You start of as a nobody and work your way up the chain to become anything you want to be.

  • Multitude of jobs you can go and work at to earn money in the city.

  • Fully built cities and towns, connected by roads and trains allowing trade between themselves.

  • Buyable shops and properties across the map, that you can manage.

  • A huge variety of industrial trades to learn allowing your character to be skilled in certain areas.

  • Buy apartment buildings or shops and lease them out.

  • Buy a plane ticket and visit a number world location each with their own resources.

  • Start your own family and make sure theirs someone to inherit everything you have scrape together, when you die.

  • Become a merchant, miner, farmer or real estate agent the choice is yours.

  • Fancy politics then plot your way towards becoming the president of any of the world locations.

  • Population growth that depends on resources availability in the local market.

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