Development Team
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bullet   Realistic economy, which is driven by quality, with over a thousand products to choose from.
bullet   Day and night cycle with 4 seasons.
bullet   Variation of shops you can own and operate.
bullet   Huge farms that can be purchased in sections as you expand.
bullet   Properties that can be purchased and leased out to NPC.
bullet   Undergound mining with over 48 different ores that can be mined.
bullet   Advanced factories that produce products to be supplied to shops.
bullet   Thousands of building blocks allowing you to build your own structures.
bullet   Huge variety of livestock you can farm with.
bullet   Huge variety of crops to grow.
bullet   Factories to own and operate.
bullet   No DLC ever for this game.
Currently busy texturing furniture for the houses in the game. Will be able to decorate your own home in Agticu. https://t.co/EWnXZ9mtrx
Just finished updating the player careers, go and have a look, should give a nice indication of what Agticu is all about.
Busy updating the website adding more info, allowing people to get a better picture of what we are doing.
Added some more plants to the game showcasing seasons and how different each plant type would like like during that… https://t.co/QznJXY8mGz
Busy adding new plants to the game, this will keep me busy for a week maybe more. Plants have all growth stages and… https://t.co/cXAttRuIpt